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Traditional Project Strategies -
Focuses on the building phase of a project
  • Unforeseen problems can have a major impact with cost and schedule overruns
  • Decisions may have to be made by the customer under pressure in real time just to keep the project moving forward.
  • Tradeoffs can result in not meeting original project goals

RESULT: An unhappy customer!

MLC's Project Strategy -
Emphasis on Pre-construction Concept and Feasibility
  • Identifies potential issues that could affect the project's success during the pre-construction phase.
  • Design/implementation/trade-offs are evaluated and check-pointed with the customer's project goals, budgetary and scheduling requirements.
  • Each potential issue is quantified and a plan is developed to evaluate its' impact.
  • Iterative process involving the customer, MLC and applicable support services
  • Wherever possible, an attempt is made to retire these issues before construction commences
  • Thus, costly project overruns, schedule slips and potential design compromises can be minimized.
MLC's Disciplined Project Implementation
  • Master project task schedule with identified responsibilities and timelines for each contributor (MLC/Customer/Subcontractors/Suppliers)
  • Methodology and process for communications is also agreed upon with the customer
    Finalized prior to project construction
  • Consistent on-site supervision coupled with regularly scheduled quality check-points
    Insures that the final project will meet the customers' original goals.

RESULT: A happy customer!

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